Thursday, August 02, 2007

Visa Card Not Accepted a Flying J Truck Pumps

From the Escapees Club News August 1, 2007
We have received a number of reports from traveling members that Flying J truck stops are no longer accepting VISA cards for fuel purchases at the commercial truck pumps.

Our consumer affairs department contacted Flying J and they did confirm that VISA can no longer be used at the truck pumps. Most Flying J locations still accept VISA at both the auto pumps and at the RV Island, if they have one. However, many pumps will set a limit of either $50 or $75 on a VISA purchase, so you may have to swipe your card and restart the pump several times to fill a large RV.

Several members have pulled up to the truck pumps, filled their RV to the tune of several hundred dollars, and then discovered that their VISA card would not be accepted. In one case, members had to buy a Flying J gift card with their VISA in the gift shop in order to pay for their fuel. If you plan to fuel at Flying J, don’t bring your VISA card!

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