Thursday, August 30, 2007

You can take it with you... in an RV

"We had a complete whiteout. We were at 12,000 feet. We started in sunshine, had the rain, then it turned to snow," says David Fossey, recalling a recent drive through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado that saw him and his wife, Janice, creep down the steep slope in their 6½-tonne motorhome.

"We still kept going, but it took us about two hours to do about 30 miles," he says, adding that the drive ranks among the scariest moments of his life. "Horrendous, absolutely horrendous."

Strangely enough, he says he would do it all again.

"We've done all that before," he says with a laugh. The Fosseys spent 506 days traversing North America on a trip they finished last June.

In fact, for some, the relaxed pace of RV travel is desirable enough to do year round. Those who live this vehicular lifestyle call it "full-timing."

Peggi McDonald, 65, has travelled full-time in an RV for the past 22 years. She and husband John, 69, both retired from jobs in the Canadian military, now spend their time roaming the roads of North America. They no longer own a house, having opted instead for a 38-foot Winnebago.

"It is our home - it just happens to be a home on wheels," she says.

McDonald, who writes and blogs about RV living, says that in a motorhome, every trip is a new adventure.
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