Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Badge of Honor? RV Buyers, Beware.

Note from Steven... Greg Gerber, editor of RVTradeDigest.com wrote an editorial I think should be of interest to All RVers but especially those who are in the market for a new RV. Part of his column follows...
Although it would be highly illegal for an RV dealer to attempt the same trick, apparently manufacturers are able to get it done. And that’s the concept of “rebadging” units.

Here’s how it works. A dealer in Texas receives a 2007 model in the fall of 2006. The manufacturer’s 2008 models come out mid-year. But, in September when the Texas dealer still can’t sell the 2007 model, he triggers a buy back under the terms of his dealer agreement. The 2007 model winds up back on the manufacturer’s lot.

Unable to move the model to anyone else and unwilling to discount it further, the manufacturer eventually brings the unit into the shop, pulls off the VIN, reissues the number and presto, a new 2008 model is born. New paperwork is issued and the unit shipped to an unsuspecting dealer.
Full Story...

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