Wednesday, September 05, 2007

County, City Ready for Campground Construction

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier - Waterloo,IA,USA
CEDAR FALLS --- Right now the high-end campground boasts nothing but clay, sand, a lake and 38-foot hole.

"The Cedar Falls Public Works are trying to put in sewer lines for all of North Cedar and had to dig a 38-foot hole to run the line. Hopefully in the next 30 days they will have the hole filled in," said Vern Fish, Black Hawk County Conservation director. "As soon as they are done filling the hole, we will start staking out the design."

The $1 million campground will include 55 full-service sites, each equipped with water, electricity and a sewer dump station. The grounds overlook Big Woods Lake and connect to the Big Woods Lake bike trail, which also ties into the metro's trail system. A bridge at the southwest corner of the lake completed a three-mile loop around the water.
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