Saturday, September 08, 2007

FreedomRoads Acquires Bakersfield CA Venture Out RV

(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreedomRoads, LLC, the nation’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, today announced that it has acquired Venture Out RV in Bakersfield, California adding to the fast growing retailer’s strong presence in the market.

This area of California is an important market for the company. FreedomRoads operates several dealerships in the area including Stier’s RV Centers in Bakersfield, Stier’s RV Center of Ventura, Stier’s RV Center of Valencia, Stier’s Camperland, as well as a stand alone Stier’s RV Collision Center in Bakersfield. The dealership is co-located with a Camping World, which itself has a strong presence in the state with ten stores and plans to open an eleventh store in Ventura. The new Camping World in La Mirada, Camping World RV Sales, also carries RV’s in addition to its normal line of 8,000 outdoor and RV accessory products.

Venture Out RV General Manager Bruce Harrigan said, “Being part of the FreedomRoads Dealer Network will allow us have the resources to bring RV consumers greater choice, a wide variety of financing, membership, insurance and other programs that we could not offer before. This will make Venture Out RV more attractive to those who are looking not only for great RV’s, but also value added products and services.”

Chairman and CEO of FreedomRoads and Camping World Marcus Lemonis commented, “The addition of Venture Out RV is another important step toward our dominance of this critically important and growing market. With all of the dealerships and Camping World stores we are brining the RV consumer unprecedented choice and convenience. This area is an RV shopping destination and our company is strengthening the appeal that much more with our continued growth here.”

The brisk expansion of FreedomRoads and Camping World business is well timed to respond to growing consumer demand as the outlook for the RV and RV supplies and accessories market burgeons, topping lists of US growth industries. A recent study by the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center found that one in 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households now own an RV. There are now 7.9 million households in the U.S. with a RV. This figure indicates a 58 percent rise in RV ownership since 1980. This study also anticipates similar growth in the future, thus providing the catalyst for additional FreeedomRoads and Camping World stores across the country.

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