Monday, September 17, 2007

Lonely Allegro Motorhome Now Proud, Blue

The deserted 1983 Tiffin Allegro motorhome sat in a field near a home in La Vergne, so long that a small tree had grown through one of its entry steps. Its carpet was rotted; its brown paneling and dash were woefully out of style; its tires were toast — and those were only a few of its problems.

In the summer of 2004 Sperry Randolph drove past the 30-foot motorhome, and, as he was already in the habit of seeing things as they could be, he figured the old RV had potential. He returned to his home in Murfreesboro, told his son, Trey, about it, and the two of them visited the old motorhome to see if it was worth salvaging. Before long, a wrecker truck was hauling their decrepit prize back home with them.

As the months rolled on, the old Tiffin became "Miss Allie". The completed Miss Allie debuted in all her glory in October 2006 at an MTSU football game, and has since proved her mettle in towing a bass boat and the family's golf cart on a matching blue trailer.

Miss Allie's final cost was approximately $5,000. The Randolphs paid $1,300 for the coach itself, and spent the rest of the money on upgrades. The motorhome now is flashy and clean, shiny and welcoming. She can accommodate a party of up to 12.
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