Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Plans for RV Campground Continue

Hagerstown Morning Herald - Hagerstown,MD,USA
Two local businessmen will continue to pursue plans to build an RV campground near Hancock, even after the Washington County Commissioners said they do not support the proposal, according to an attorney for the businessmen.

The campground would be a members-only facility that would be open from April to October.

Campers could bring travel trailers or temporary cabins onto the property for stays ranging from two days to eight months, according to current plans for the project.

Some commissioners said the applicants seemed to be trying to circumvent residential zoning requirements by calling the project a campground.

"My idea of camping, as one who camps a good bit, isn't 80 units stacked up against each other," Commissioner Kristin B. Aleshire said.
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