Thursday, September 13, 2007

RV Lifestyle TV Show for the Web

She's going around the country in a recreational vehicle, interviewing people and promoting a book about a woman who runs away from her husband in - you guessed it - an RV.

But Peggy Grich is doing just the opposite with her husband, Jim. They're traveling together, producing a Web TV show together and sharing, day and night, the equivalent of a small one-bedroom apartment, except on wheels.

"It's a good thing we get along," Peggy says. "We do well as a team."

She is leaving behind her job as public information officer for Brunswick Community College. Jim, a Web designer, is bringing his job on board.

Their current show, American RVer, already has two sponsors and 17,000 individual viewers a month, Peggy says. It's featured on a Web site and can also be downloaded into iPods.
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