Tuesday, September 04, 2007

RVs Enjoy America's beauty by Day, Wal-Mart by Night

Ah, freedom. The sweet call of the open road. Thousands answer it every summer when they climb into an RV and strike out, bound for windswept beaches, spacious skies, a brush with that purple mountain majesty. It's practically an American tradition.

But as the sun sets over the fruited plain, a steady stream of Winnebagos and other land yachts drops off the highway. Their drivers make a beeline for the nearest Wal-Mart, where they'll spend the night under the glow of parking lot lights instead of under the stars.

Welcome to camping at Wal-Mart. Armed with guides found on the Internet, folks with a wanderlust can now cruise from sea to shining sea, hopping from one Wally World parking lot to another.

"Everybody with an RV knows you can spend the night at Wal-Mart," said William Allie, a UPS driver from Roanoke, Virginia.
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