Thursday, October 18, 2007

RVers are Riding with Safety

Al Worcester calls it his “retire tour.”

It’s the trip he and his wife, Jacqueline, took in their 30-foot Winnebago that found the couple replacing three of the RV’s six tires, one in St. Louis and two more in Mississippi.

To be prepared for such emergencies, the Worcesters purchase roadside insurance and they belong to two Good Sam Clubs.

Their on-board gear includes an air compressor, roadside flares, a tool kit, first-aid kit and a polarity checker for testing campground electrical outlets. Al Worcester also maintains a close check on tire pressure, plus their RV has a steering stabilizer that helps keep the vehicle steady on the road and hydraulic levelers that stabilize it when parked. A global positioning system ensures the couple stays on track.

Worcester offered another tip. “Don’t try to keep up with traffic. Sixty miles per hour will save you a bit on your fuel, plus it’s more relaxing,” he said.
And traffic there is.
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