Wednesday, November 21, 2007

City Committee to Study RV Parking Rules

The Grand Rapids Press - - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
COOPERSVILLE -- John Jones worried when he learned the Planning Commission had discussed banning recreational vehicle storage from front yards.

The 36-year resident just built a concrete pad in his front yard to store his RV when he's not using it every other week during good weather. He said storage rental costs $1,600 for a winter, or up to $70 a month.

"I can understand when weeds are growing around a recreational vehicle, or a tire is flat and the whole thing is slanted," he said. "That's kind of tacky."

But he told commission members that he hopes not everyone will be required to move RVs out of sight.

Commission members said they don't want their rules to be so restrictive that some residents could not own an RV. But they said they also sympathize with those who do not want the city looking like an RV park.
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