Friday, November 23, 2007

El Monte RV Takes Golf to the Streets

Forget about plaid pants and checkered socks, the latest must-have golf accessory is a motorhome.

According to the experts at EL Monte RV, one of the nation?s largest renters of recreational vehicles, a growing number of customers are hitting the road in an RV for golfing adventures. In fact, the company is seeing this as such a large trend, they recently donated the rental of an RV to the Southern California Golfers Association for a tournament prize.

According to a USA Sports Participation Study, the number of core golfers is on the rise, reaching 15 million this year. Additionally, the number of youth golfers continues to grow, making a golf road trip an ideal family vacation. Traveling via RV offers golfers a convenient and affordable way to travel with their clubs and Add to the adventure, rather than pay for expensive air fare and hotels.
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