Friday, November 09, 2007

On the Road Again

Moving from a big house to a smaller one isn't the only way to downsize. Luxurious recreational vehicles, stocked with every possible modern convenience from Jacuzzis to wi-fi, are becoming full-time residences for a growing number of Americans. Some are retirees looking for a new adventure, others have jobs that keep them on the road and see RV living as a way to have a home life, and a few just crave the freedom of being on the go now that cell phones and the Internet allow people to work from almost anywhere.

"This is the ideal American subculture; it's the way everyone would like it to be," says Howard Payne, a real estate lawyer who, along with his wife Linda, traded a five-bedroom house in Louisville, Ky., for a 400-sq.-ft. (37 sq m) motor home in August 2005.
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