Sunday, December 02, 2007

RV industry tries to keep things rolling

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The magician, dapper and gray-haired, got laughs with card tricks and other feats that were already old when he was still young.

And as he deftly linked and separated steel rings, Dick Stoner drew a crowd around an enormous banner that read "Crossroads" -- the company paying him so that it could stand out from more than a hundred other manufacturers at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association's annual convention in the Kentucky Exposition Center.

After all, the $15 billion R.V. industry could use a little magic just now. To read news releases, of course, things are going really, really great!

In fact, though, things are not really, really great in R.V. land. Sales are slipping. The industry association released updated projections indicating that industrywide sales would probably decline 4.8 percent next year compared with 2007.
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