Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Texans are Technologically Savvy

Loris Petersen pays most of her bills, gets driving directions and checks the weather online.

The 56-year-old Winter Texan is 100 percent-technology capable, using wireless Internet every day from her RV at Bentsen Palm Village in Mission.

She also chats with her children, sends e-mail and uses the computer to track most of her expenses.

“We bought a laptop for the motor home specifically,” said Petersen, who is from Rochester, Minn. “A lot of people are using it.”

Petersen, along with most Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley, are defying the stereotype of technology-feeble retirees who are a few generations behind the Internet revolution.

As the number of Wi-Fi, or wireless Internet, hotspots in the Valley grows, Winter Texans are taking advantage of the trend to stay in touch with family at home, browse for the latest hotspots and get restaurant reviews at the touch of their fingers.
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