Wednesday, January 09, 2008

City of Rusk, TX sells KOA Campground

Walter Preble, owner and operator of the Rusk KOA campground, made a payment of $22,500 Dec. 28 to the City of Rusk. The payment was the first of 10 scheduled to be made annually to the city.

The Rusk City Council approved the sale of the KOA campground located on FM 343 (Atoy Highway) for $225,000 to Mr. Preble Aug. 3, 2006.

The sale ended the city's role at the campsite. The city had been involved in construction of the campsite since 2004.

Sixteen years before their arrival in Rusk Mr. Preble and his wife, Carol, purchased a campground in Ohio. Although approximately 78 percent of the people in the area receive welfare, after 12 years the park was ranked number one campground in America.
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