Wednesday, January 09, 2008

City officials to chart course for RV parking

Recreational vehicle owners will be able to park in front of their homes, but not on their driveway, under a plan city officials are considering.

After nearly a year of wrangling, the Martinez, CA City Council is scheduled to vote today on a compromise that restricts RV parking in front of houses to a paved spot next to the driveway and requires that the end of the vehicle be at least five feet back from the sidewalk. RVs longer than 35 feet or higher than 12 feet may not park on the pad.

The proposed ordinance is less restrictive than the original proposal a year ago. It called for banning RVs from front yards, which drew the ire of residents who say they should be able to park anywhere on their property.

"I don't quite understand why a boat or an RV in a driveway is such a problem for others," said Michele Kuslits, president of the Antioch-based Recreational Vehicle Property Rights Association.
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