Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Escapees Hosts Political Forum at Rainbow’s End

Are you planning to be in Texas early in February? If you are, take advantage of a great opportunity here at Rainbow’s End. On February 5, the Escapees RV Club is holding a political forum in our activity center and we’ve invited all the candidates running in the March 4 primary election. This “town hall” atmosphere is a great chance for all the candidates, whether running for local, state, or federal office, to share their platforms and positions with their constituents -- Escapees members and local residents alike.

Our 2008 primary election political forum kicks off at 1 PM with set-up and one-on-one opportunities before the on-stage forum begins at 2 PM. During the onstage portion of the event, each candidate will be given five minutes to address the audience. After all the candidates have spoken, questions will be taken from the floor.

Directions to Rainbow’s End can be found at
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