Saturday, February 09, 2008

Retirees in RVs flock to Florida - to build churches

Their sons and daughters don't always understand, but it's a life they chose after much thought and prayer.

Thirteen retired couples have endured a seemingly endless series of RV road trips to help build churches for strangers in far-off locales. It is a mission fueled by faith.

No matter that the work is hard, the pay is non-existent, gas prices have gone through the roof and living quarters are cramped. They call themselves MAPS - Mission America Placement Service - and this is just what they do: build churches for those who need them.

Currently, there are two crews in Marion County, 34 volunteers building Assembly of God churches in Dunnellon and Ocklawaha.

When a small fleet of RVs rolled onto the construction site for the future Family Life Ministries Church in Ocklawaha in early January, they were a godsend for pastor Jerry Schwab and his congregation.
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