Thursday, February 07, 2008

RV Rally Time for FMCA

Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA by Tony Marrero February 6, 2008

New York Democrats went for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday, but Jim and Jean Canfield weren't among those who voted.

Call it a casualty of life on the road.

By Tuesday, the Canfields had already parked their 36-foot Fleetwood Bounder motor home just off a runway at the Hernando County Airport. They'd hoped to vote by absentee ballot but didn't make the deadline.

There certainly wasn't a lack of similar potential interview subjects from throughout the country. By Wednesday, organizers estimate some 1,600 hundred RVs had lined up along two of the airport's runways, creating a temporary city of wheeled behemoths. License plates ranged from Oregon to New Hampshire.

And the RVers fleshed out plans for the weekend's evening entertainment. A blurb about one quartet, playing Saturday night, advised concertgoers to "Sit back and enjoy the memories of your youth as The Legends of Doo Wop take you back!"

Despite high diesel fuel prices and a sluggish economy, attendance is up this year by a couple of hundred motor homes, according to Charlie Schrenkel, president of FMCA's Southeast Area and vice-president of the national association.

"There are some grumblings about gas (prices), but it's a lifestyle for them," Charlie Schrenkel, president of FMCA's Southeast Area and vice-president of the national association, said of fellow RVers. "Maybe it's a little release and escapism.
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