Thursday, February 07, 2008

Village Passes RV Ordinance With Litte Protest

Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
What was once a white-hot topic -- recreational vehicle regulation -- has dropped off in interest considerably in Wauconda.

Mayor Salvatore Saccomanno said that, though 350 people attended the board's first meeting in 2005 to discuss an ordinance that would govern when and where people could store RVs on their property, only two people showed up to watch it be unanimously approved.

"It is affecting less people than was anticipated," Saccomanno said. "Two years ago, when we started this, we had 350 people filling the (high school) gym."

He said most people appeared to think the village would enact an outright ban on RV storage.

"I think they (now) understand there was never an intention to do a total ban," he said.
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