Monday, March 10, 2008

Fine living in an RV
Salt Springs - The winding roads lined with big, moss-draped oaks and neatly landscaped lawns could snake through any upscale Gainesville subdivision.

A path lined with azaleas leads to a clubhouse with pool and ping pong tables, which sits beside two lakeside swimming pools.

The entrance is gated and manned.

This is the new face of the RV park — or RV resort, as this one is called — where according to industry statistics and reports from local parks, a new breed of RV user is pushing for fancier rigs and fancier places to park them, and is leading a major surge in RV use.

"The population is aging, and the generation retiring today isn't the same as the generation that came before it," said Roseanne Mayer, vice president of Elite Resorts Management Inc., which developed the resort at Salt Springs and plans to build another one like it in Hawthorne. "Baby boomers are used to having more. As they retire, they continue to expect more."

Elite Resorts isn't the only entity seeing the effects of a growing and changing RV market.
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