Friday, March 21, 2008

Taking it to the Streets: Run Your Business from the Road

Today, more people are running their professional lives from cafes and hotspots Richard and Angela Hoy of Bangor, Maine, exemplify how the lifestyle truly should be lived—on the road.

In March 2004, Hoy and his wife were searching for the most economical way for their family of six to visit relatives in Wisconsin and Texas.

"Buying an RV made the most sense because at least we'd actually have some equity in something rather than just paying it out to an airline," said Hoy

The Hoys planned to buy an RV to travel the country when they retired anyway.

"We were itching to get on the road and were about 20 years from retirement," said Hoy. "Everyone we ever talked to about full-time RVing told us that they regret not doing it sooner. You wouldn't believe how many times we heard, 'My wife/husband and I were planning to travel around the country in our RV, but then he or she died.' Or, 'he/she got sick before we could see everything.' We decided that life is too short."

Because their print-on-demand publishing company,, is Internet-based, the Hoys could hit the road and bring the business along for the ride.

"It didn't really matter where we were," said Hoy. "Our business is entirely online. As long as we have a connection, we could run the business. Even when we were exclusively flying or driving in our van, we always had our computers, cell phones, and assorted business-related gadgets. We've automated many of our business processes, and since it is Web-based, we just need to monitor everything and respond to customer e-mails."
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