Friday, April 25, 2008

Coldbrook Campground in Webster, MA is a unique place

For the Monitor
April 25, 2008 - 12:00 am

My husband and I have been visiting New Hampshire since our two children were small. A few years ago we decided to spend our summers there. We chose a campground where the owners, Jim and Tina Schindelwig, were wonderful people with family values. We were disturbed to read about what they have been going through.

Coldbrook Campground in Webster is a unique place because of its quiet, clean and non-commercial atmosphere. We live on Cape Cod, and we enjoy leaving here to go where it is so peaceful. I cannot believe anyone would ever say that this campground is noisy or causes a traffic problem or a smoke issue. We are there all summer, and we haven't had a problem with any of these issues. It's actually the opposite.

The campground is spotless. Jim and Tina and their children do a wonderful job. Webster should thank the Schindelwigs for wanting to create such a friendly and family atmosphere.

These days you don't find a lot of young couples who want to work hard and help people enjoy camping. My husband and I now have two grandchildren who I hope will be able to enjoy the experience that we have at Coldbrook Campground.
PAUL and DOROTHY MORRIS, North Truro, Mass.
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