Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fuel prices keeping camping group close to home

Seventeen camping families met at Sixth Street Park in Pratt, KS, for a weekend of relaxation. It was a short trip for most and very short for members of the Pratt Fireliters, who hosted the campout.

Bill and Carol Malcolm, Hutchinson, recently returned from a retirees' rally in Louisiana. During the 1,800 mile round trip, they ran $700 worth of fuel through a pickup that averages 8 miles per gallon pulling a big fifth wheel trailer. As president of the Buhler Ramblers, a chapter of a national camping organization, he's sure they will attend campouts scheduled for each month through November. The club might change some locations, favoring lakes and parks that are within a 50-mile radius of Hutchinson.

Steve Mead, Sawyer, is retiring this year and wife Janell said they had hoped to do some traveling and perhaps replace their 15-year-old motor home with a newer model.

"We'll wait to see what gas does," she said.
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