Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gas Prices add to Yukon Tourism Worries

CBC.ca - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon, which wrapped up its annual conference on Sunday in Haines, Alaska, predicts a drop in the number of potential visitors this summer.

Operators have said the number of cruise ship bookings to Alaska is down, meaning not as many cruise ship passengers may be making road trips into the Yukon.

As well, several Yukon tour companies have reported a drop in bookings as the summer months approach.

With pump prices approaching $1.40 a litre this week in the Yukon, visitors to the territory may have to save some of their travel budgets for gas alone, especially for those who want to explore outside of Whitehorse.

One sector of the Yukon's tourism industry said it hasn't felt the pinch from high gas prices: the recreational vehicle rental sector, which rents out RVs to tourists wanting to tour the territory.

A large number of the Yukon's visitors come from Europe, which has been accustomed to higher gas prices. As a result, at least one Whitehorse RV rental agency reported seeing no drop in reservations.
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