Friday, April 25, 2008

Gulf Stream Coach Expands Class C Manufacturing Plant

NAPPANEE, Indiana – A plant expansion project in its second phase has lead to the following changes at Gulf Stream Coach that increase efficiency when producing its Class C division for the forward-thinking company:

* Units are run end to end rather than side to side.
* Increase output to allow 8-10 units per day
* Allow for a wider range of production complexity (being able to run 21’– 40’ units down the same production line).
* Implement lean manufacturing throughout the manufacturing facility to lower inventory.
* Remove raised loading dock to accommodate cabinet shop and mill room.
* Increase plant output while maintaining existing workforce size.
* Higher flexibility to produce more complicated units without disrupting output.
* Will be able to expand the manufacturing facility with out disrupting current production.

“These are highlights of our expansion plan that have proven successful,” states Irv Kontowsky, quality control director. He adds, “Eventually we’ll be able to physically expand the manufacturing facility as a third phase without disrupting current production because of the re-design that has already taken place.”

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Gulf Stream Coach is based in Nappanee, Indiana, and has additional facilities in Etna Green. The largest privately held RV manufacturer offers 26 brands and more than 100 models, while employing over 1,500 men and women in Elkhart County.
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