Friday, April 25, 2008

High Cost of Fuel Pushes RVs Off the Road

Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC
Joe Breault knew the cost of diesel fuel was going to get ugly.

He spent thousands of dollars aiming to get better fuel mileage out of his truck: putting a turbo kit on it, changing the air intake filter, installing a performance chip and putting on a new exhaust - just to name a few.

Breault, an N.C. resident who's camping at Ocean Lakes Family Campground, pays $120 to fill up his Dodge truck, which he uses to pull his camper. Breault said, with the alterations, he gets roughly 18 miles to the gallon, compared with the average seven to 10 miles.

Local and national RV campground officials say their customers are feeling the effects of higher fuel prices.

"It's definitely affecting business," said Chris Allen, manager at Ocean Lakes campground.

Although local campground representatives say most people are not canceling their trips, they may be shortening their stays.

Campers are not venturing as far or as wide as they might have, said Linda Profaizer, president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.
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