Friday, April 25, 2008

Missing RVers had a flat

A missing Electric City couple, unaccounted for since April 2, has been found in Boise, Idaho.

Marlin and Dorothy Newnam were to be re-united with their daughter, Pamela Drumm, of Weiser, Idaho, sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Newnams, both in their 70s, spend winters in Quartzite, Ariz. They left there three weeks ago in their motorhome pulling a black pickup, but hadn't communicated with relatives since they left.

"They told me they got stuck in Alamo, Nev. for about a week while their motor home was getting fixed, and they couldn't get a signal to use their cell phone," Drumm said.

"I've been worried sick about them," Drumm said, clearly relieved that her parents had been found.

The Newnams got stuck in Alamo when they had a flat tire. The couple ran their motor home with the flat in an effort to make it to town. While doing so, some wiring underneath the motor home was destroyed and they became stranded.
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