Monday, April 14, 2008

Revamping the Camper

We got our camper today~! It’s huge O_O;; 30ft in length and sleeps up to 6 people supposedly. It’s not what I imagined a camper to look like…. but that’s because this particular camper is 5 years older than I am but everything still runs… it’s kinda weird lol

Obviously, my mom is going to fix it up and so is my Dad. They’re gonna change the carpet and the kitchen tile and possibly the cabinets (Mom wants them to be White, Dad thinks they’re fine the way they are. hehe). There’s a few things I would like to change as well… like the bed that’s in there. It’s a fine bed and the mattress is in great condition. But I don’t particularly like the idea that other people have slept in it. For some reason it makes me feel gross. I’d also like to change the cabinets and the walls. It has that wooden look that I don’t really like at all because it looks like it’s for elderly people and of course, I’m only 20. I need something a little bit more modern. Aside from that the camper is great! We’re also replacing the radio and the curtains in there (they’re flowery! That just screams old people lol).
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