Saturday, April 12, 2008

RV Park Brings Golf Fans Together

Many families who gathered at Rae's Creek RV Park on Friday evening have made the same trip several times. The RV enthusiasts said being close to the action of the Masters and bonding with other RV families only adds to the experience of also attending the event.

Mrs. Woodward and her late husband, Fred Woodward, began driving an RV to the Masters in the mid-1970s. They often parked at a lot between Washington and Berckmans roads, she said. Her husband's memory lives on, though the parking spot has changed.

"I know I'm carrying on something my husband started in 1947," Mrs. Woodward said. "He went for 50 years straight until he died in 1997. I just have to keep doing what he wanted me to do."

Mrs. Woodward has also kept up the tradition of having pot luck dinners each Masters Week with two families she met more than 20 years ago. Beyond enjoying another year of friends and fun, Mrs. Woodward said she looked forward to rooting for her favorites today.

The Staggs family had three generations parked at Rae's Creek on Friday evening. Javie Staggs, of Cincinnati, said his family began making the trip from Ohio to the Augusta National more than 50 years ago.

Those who rent hotel rooms for the Masters could never understand the RV experience, said Dan Moore, of Charleston, S.C., a 10-year RV Masters fan veteran.
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