Tuesday, April 01, 2008

RVer learns part of new Motorhome isn't so new

DANDRIDGE (WATE) -- A Dandridge RV owner was caught by surprise when he learned his new purchase had a truck chassis from the previous year.

Some of the smaller classes of RVs come on a truck chassis such as a Ford, Chevy or Dodge. Those companies don't make the motor homes, though. A separate manufacturer does that.

That means your motor home may be a different year than the truck chassis.

Retired auto worker John Nolan bought an $80,000 RV at the beginning of January. It was an end of the year deal.

The manufacturer is Pleasure-Way Industries Limited and the RV sits on a Ford F-350 chassis.

Everything in the home was built in 2007, but the truck wasn't. "I thought I was buying a 2007, F-350," John says.

But John is upset for two reasons. He believes he lost value in his investment. Plus, he says the dealer didn't tell him the truck part of the motor home is a 2006.
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