Monday, April 14, 2008

RVing couple has special bond with Yellowstone

OCALA - The summer after they retired in 1995, Ocala residents Bob and Irene Thompson hit the road to see America's scenic West and check out the fishing in cool mountain streams.

The first time they went to Yellowstone National Park it was to vacation, but after a few weeks they got bored, Bob Thompson said.

So the couple applied to work at a small store just outside the park. Two years ago, wanting to cut back to fewer hours, they switched to working at Yellowstone's Fishing Bridge gift shop, not too far from the park's east entrance.

This year, Bob and Irene plan to head west on April 22, and he said there's a lot more than just beautiful mountains and trout fishing. There's an abundance of wild animals, including grizzly bears, buffalo, wolves, deer and moose, which sometimes creates problems.
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