Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Truth About The Environmental Efficiency Of An RV

The Truth About The Environmental Efficiency Of An RV For The Environmentally Conscious!
By Brian Gore

An RV is THE home for 'Earth Conscious', responsible people! I'm aware of the common of wastefulness they're saddled with. I'd also submit; that preconception is misguided. The truth is, I don't believe that the average American could live more environmentally conscious, than with what is 'built in' to the RV lifestyle.

Take a minute and think about it. The RV is the perfect pack it in - pack it out accommodation for an extended trip to the woods. Not to mention the perfect home for an environmentalist.

It's compact, efficient; use of space, combined with its Solar Power system, (assuming you install one!) consumes far less fossil fuel than even the smallest brick and mortar home.

On top of that, being an RVer, I am focused, by the limited fresh and waste water capacity of the rig, on minimizing my consumption of precious water, thereby also reducing the production of waste water to be dealt with.

I can't see how anyone wanting to minimize their impact on the planet could do better than boondocking in an RV! Heck, even when I'm 'hooked up' to regular systems, my conservative, boondocking ways carry over and we consume less. Habits learned from Rving carry over into the rest of my living. Environmentally conscious behaviour in action!
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