Friday, May 30, 2008

Bates International Motor Homes Rental Systems, Inc Opens New Utah Franchise

Bates Motor Home Rental Network of Southern Utah has opened a new RV rental office to serve the greater Southern Utah area. Bates of Saint George, Utah, located at 473 S River Road, is a part of a long-established international RV rental franchise network with locations throughout North America.

Bates invites RV owners and potential RV purchasers to contact Bates of Southern Utah to discuss the benefits of its “RV Revenue Sharing” program. This is an opportunity to enjoy income and favorable tax advantages.

RV rentals are one of the largest growing segments of the travel/tourism industry. The rental of an RV permits customers to enjoy the benefits of the RV lifestyle without the cost of ownership. RV rentals are often the first step toward the purchase of an RV, providing potential buyers the opportunity to “try before they buy.”

Bates of Southern Utah’s’ fleet consists of Class “C” and Class “A” diesel pusher motor homes. The RVs are a combination of company owned and managed units. Bates of Southern Utah is a valued member of the Bates International franchise, a system of reliable connections to proven programs, successful operating systems and an experienced management team. Bates International is known for its variety, from plush Class “A” diesel pushers to small Class “C” “cab over” styles.

Bates provides personalized attention to its customers and RV fleet. The favorable experiences of its customers reach far beyond the company and its franchise locations. Bates strives to always provide the highest quality of travel service and safe, memorable travel experiences for its clients as they experience the freedom and flexibility of journeying in an RV.
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