Monday, May 12, 2008

Camping Adventures in Miami FL

If you live near Miami and are looking for an affordable camping spot that is less than a tank full of gas away need not look any further than their own backyard, figuratively of course.

"I don't think people here locally really realize that this is a unique campground in that it's in a circular pod style and affords folks more room than a conventional campground would be and it's a very peaceful," said Marvin Garwood of Larry and Penny Thompson Park & Campground in South Miami Dade.

For $25 a night, registered guests can enjoy the new swimming pool and cabana complex that's loaded with fun things to do. On the park side, there's a man made beach and a water park available for a small fee.

"For the beach and the slide area there is a $5 fee for adults, $4 for kids," said Garwood, "and I think we even have a discounted rate for seniors."

Parents travelling with little ones who want more than just a pool to keep them entertained can head to CB Smith Park and Campground in Pembroke Pines.

For $8.50, campers can enjoy the park's two water playgrounds, a pair of 400-foot slides and the Lazy River; all just a short walk from the park's new lakeside campsite.

If you are a Miami resident, Palm Beach resident or Broward resident RV sites are $25 per night.

You can use the boats, the water park, the golf center which has the batting cages, mini golf and driving range.
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