Sunday, May 04, 2008

Camping at KY's Lake Barkley State Resort Park

Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY
TRIGG COUNTY, Ky — The campground at Lake Barkley State Resort Park was sprinkled with a few tents and a handful of recreational vehicles and travel trailers.

This will change soon.

"As soon as school lets out, it really picks up a lot," said Jenny Howard, the park naturalist and recreation supervisor at Barkley, the largest state park in Kentucky and generally considered the crown jewel of the system. "And by mid-June (the campground) will be packed, especially on weekends, until around mid-August."

"(Camping) is probably why I am who I am because of our family vacations," she said. "We were a family that didn't have a lot of money to go and stay in a hotel with a pool every night, but still my parents wanted to get out and about and see historic sites and go to the beach and have those experiences. So we would camp.

For most park visitors, camping isn't quite the roughing-it experience it once was. Most of the campsites at Barkley and other Kentucky parks have water and electric hookups, with restrooms and bathing facilities nearby. Campers often arrive in RVs loaded with televisions, DVD players, fans and even air conditioners.

"A lot of times young couples or young families will tent camp," she said. "Senior citizens and baby boomers seem to most often be RV campers."
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