Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying J and VISA: Together again!

Flying J and VISA seem to be buddies again. The Escapees Club received a letter from Flying J, stating they are now accepting VISA at all pumps and all stations.

In addition, they have put a new purchase tracking system in place that identifies repeat customers and removes some of the transaction limits when you pump your fuel. In their words:

“Flying J’s state-of-the-art technology identifies its loyal customers by tracking positive purchase histories through the customer's Flying J RV Real Value card and/or method of payment. This advanced technology enables Flying J to override the purchase controls imposed by card readers at the fuel islands and eliminates the $75 limit that customers are subject to industry-wide.”

This is good news for RVers, as it can take multiple transactions to fill a large RV tank when that $75 limit is in effect. Flying J assured us that you need not have one of their loyalty cards for this system to work. Just make a couple of successful fuel purchases at any station with your credit card of choice, and the system will remember you and automatically remove the $75 limit on your fuel purchases. This sounds like a great reason to give Flying J another try!

Of course if you switch credit cards, the smart pumps at Flying J will require one or two transactions with the new card for the positive purchase history of the new card to be recognized.
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