Friday, May 16, 2008

High Diesel Prices Have Many RVers Putting It In Park

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Some people spend the summer in their recreational vehicle, but the price of diesel is sucking the fun out of the travel season.

In Northwest Arkansas, average diesel prices are $4.45 cents per gallon which has many RVers putting it in park.

Don and Alice Faye Turney have a Post Office box in Texas, but their home is on wheels.

"I'm a full time RVer, wherever we park is where we live," Don Turney said.

"In this rig, I get seven miles per gallon, so it can be a relatively expensive thing," Turney said.

With diesel at $4.45 a gallon in the area, a fill-up runs the Turneys about $450.

"It's affected us negatively, but since we don't have a house, it's just another expense of traveling in this life," Turney said.

"What it means to full time RVers, it means when we get some place--we stay longer," Turney said.
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