Friday, May 09, 2008

How to Take a Gas Holiday

"People aren't canceling their trips outright," says Marie Dodds, a spokeswoman for AAA, "but they are definitely looking into other options."

Even camping--that mainstay of penny-pincher vacations--might look different this year, thanks to gas prices. State parks in New York, Maine and Vermont have all reported an increase of 10% to 15% in camping reservations over last year. But more campers will be arriving not by gassy RV but by car--or even motorbike. Campgrounds have become more motorcycle-friendly in recent years to cater to that growing market. Chris Rhie, 23, says he plans to ride his new Suzuki motorcycle--which gets 50 m.p.g.--from San Francisco to Yosemite for a camping trip with his girlfriend this summer.
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