Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jim Jaillet though his towing days were done for a while. Wrong!

From Jim's Blog...
Yesterday about 11am, from out of nowhere my new engine started making a clanging sound and just stopped running. Fortunately, I was able to guide to a safe place off of the pavement. I was on US Highway 101 in Northern CA, kinda sorta out in the middle of nowhere. I even had to raise my cell phone antenna on the roof of my motorhome to get a one-bar signal.

I called the mechanics who installed the engine and told them of my situation. They said they would send a large truck to haul my motorhome back to their garage 305 miles away. A few blog entries back, I gave these mechanics the "REALLY GOOD GUYS AWARD". Keep in mind, they could have said "find a away to get it back here and we'll take care of it.
Full Story...
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