Friday, May 30, 2008

Motoring Memories: GMC Motorhome, 1973-1978

In the early 1970s, General Motors decided to enter the motorhome business. At the time, it would be the only automobile manufacturer to produce a complete recreational vehicle. Many supplied chassis and running gear to RV builders, but GM decided to do the job entirely themselves, although they did provide unfinished bodies to others who wanted to complete them with their own customized features.

The announcement of a motorhome by such a formidable company sent chills through the industry causing shares of established RV manufacturers to fall into a slump, although they would eventually recover.

GM didn't want its motorhome to be the traditional utilitarian box-on-wheels, but rather a low, sleek, easy-to-enter design statement that would not only be handsome, but would have car-like driving characteristics.
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