Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Proposed RV Park Prompts Boycott Campaign

STOCKTON SPRINGS — A local business owner has become the target of a boycott campaign after he recently spoke in support of a proposed RV park.

An unsigned flyer, which was posted at The Village at Stockton Harbor condominium community, said Kenneth “Skeet” Wyman and three town officials “are not friends of The Village at Stockton Harbor” and called for people to boycott two businesses Wyman is involved with.

Wyman, who is an owner of both Wyman’s Seafood and Wyman’s General Store, attended a planning board meeting on April 23 and said he supported a proposed 30-unit RV park on Cape Jellison. He said the development would help expand the town’s tax base and thereby ease the burden on taxpayers.

Condo residents have cited concerns at several planning board meetings about noise and air pollution, stormwater runoff and traffic safety issues stemming from the RV park. They have also said the RV park could lower their property values.
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