Friday, May 30, 2008

RV industry adjusts to high gas prices as RVers change their behavior

High gas prices don’t seem to be fazing avid RVers from purchasing rigs or embarking on weekend or weeklong getaways.

Paul and Dolores Rogers grew up in Richmond and have since moved to Florida; however, their summers are spent at Deer Ridge Camping Resort a few miles outside their hometown.

Daughter Ginger Slone said her parents would not give up their summer in Richmond no matter how high gas prices get.

“They come to spend time with the family,” Slone said.

Visiting Dolores Rogers’ sisters is one of the prime reasons the family vacations every summer.

Gas reaching $4 a gallon will not prevent the Rogers from taking their annual trip to Richmond, but it has prompted a change in their behavior once arriving at the campsite.

Slone, a Michigan resident, said she and her parents previously would alternate visiting each other during the Rogers’ summer in Richmond. For example, if Slone drove to Richmond one weekend, the Rogers’ would drive to Michigan the next. However, now the trips to visit are rare and the Rogers primarily stay at the campsite.

The experiences of the Rogers seem to be the norm for those who enjoy living the RV life, said Don Crossley, sales representative at Best Buy RV’s in Richmond.

“I think fuel is a frustration, but if you own a motor home you’re going to use it,” he said.

Another trend Crossley said he’s noticed from talking to customers is that the people who go on vacations with their motor homes are more likely to find a campsite close to their home or just not stray far from the campsite once they arrive.
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