Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Township Hears Compaints About RV Storage

Town Talk - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Middletown Township Council discussed tightening up an ordinance regulating the storage of motor homes, snow-mobiles and other recreational vehicles on residential properties.Township Manager Bruce Clark said the language of the proposed updated ordinance is in line with the state motor code definition. The proposed changes forbid a travel trailer larger than 30 feet long and 14 feet high to be stored on a residential property. Recreational vehicles can't be stored within the building setbacks, and are not to be lived in or used for overnight sleeping.

"Things have gotten out of control in terms of sizes. It detracts from the township," said a Martin's Lane resident, who noted a large travel trailer is parked on the front lawn in his neighborhood.

Council Member Chris Quinn said he opposes the proposed revised ordinance.

"From my perspective, I think we're taking away personal rights," he said. "The size of the vehicle should be increased to 36 feet. A reasonable size is all right."
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