Thursday, May 08, 2008

TVA encourages campground conservation

The Tennessee Valley Authority is kicking off an energy and resource conservation initiative at its campgrounds to encourage campers to use water and electricity efficiently.

"We're asking campers to help protect the environment by reducing their energy consumption and being careful not to waste water," said Bridgette Ellis, TVA environmental executive and senior vice president of the Office of Environment and Research, in a news release. "Most campers want to do the right thing, but they don't realize how much electricity and water is wasted."

TVA is posting resource conservation tips at many of the campgrounds they manage. The tips include:

Make sure doors and windows are shut on campers when air-conditioning is on;
Turn off air-conditioning in campers and open windows if the occupants are away from their campsite for more than eight hours;
Turn off lights when leaving a camper -- even if only for a short time;
Turn off water when leaving a campsite;
Fix leaking hoses, couplers or other equipment immediately; and,
Alert the maintenance crew or campground manager if the water leak is on the campground faucet or connector.

TVA campground regulations already prohibit the use of outdoor appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers and outdoor electrical pest-control devices and do not allow washing of boats, cars, trailers or other equipment.

By reducing water consumption and electricity use at campgrounds, TVA hopes to avoid an increase in camping fees and help reduce the impact of recreational activities on the environment.
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