Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boomers Becoming Road warriors in RVs

Brian Whitcomb loves the RV life. As he nursed a glass of wine on a sunny day at Pinewood Lodge Campground in Plymouth, the 59-year-old from Michigan explained why.

“We’re sitting here in this nice pine grove, and it’s like being in the wilderness,” Whitcomb said.

“You’ve got every convenience you could want,” he noted, pointing to the 27-foot Fleetwood Pioneer he shares with his wife, Sherryl, 57. “Or you can just sit out here and listen to the birds.”

The Whitcombs plan to call their recreation vehicle home for several weeks until the house they are having built in Bourne is ready. They are about to retire and want to live closer to their grandchildren in Plymouth.

But even when they’re moved in, they plan to hit the road again. For them and hundreds of thousands of others, RVing is a way of life.
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