Monday, June 30, 2008

Campground Celibrates with Bluegrass Music - Fayetteville,NC,USA
“We’re hauling weeds, moving in chairs, washing fences,’’ he said, between roars of machinery. “Anything that needs to be done,’’ said Red Canady.

Come Wednesday morning, the work will be completed and the fun will start here in this idyllic setting situated quite a ways off the beaten path. Wednesday marks the beginning of the fourth annual Independence Week Celebration, featuring visiting campers, 20 bluegrass bands, a golf cart parade, fireworks and plenty of food.

There will be barbecued chicken on Wednesday, barbecue on Friday. Thursday will be rare roast beef — rare, that is, in how good it is, not in the way it’s cooked.

“You’ve not tasted roast beef until you’ve tasted this,’’ Nancy Canady said.

Ever since they started the celebration, Nancy has wanted to figure out a special way to honor soldiers. This year, she figures she has it. A special military appreciation will take place Thursday at 6:30 p.m., with every branch of the military represented and proceeds from the event will go toward helping wounded soldiers. Fireworks will follow.

“I spent $8,000 on fireworks this year,’’ Nancy said. “They’ll last 30 minutes.’’

The Canadys, who bought the Laurel Lakes Family Campground in 2005 when it was little more than a big field full of overgrown weeds, bill the campground as “the most beautiful place for the best in bluegrass.’’
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