Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coachmen RV Market Share Up for 2008

Coachmen RV Group has shown considerable strength during the first four months of 2008 in retail sales of its motorized products.

Statistical Surveys Inc. ranked Coachmen fifth in the nation in all motorhome retail sales, year-to-date through April, with 8.3 percent market share. Market share for the month of April alone was an impressive 9.5 percent.

Retail sales of Coachmen RV Group Class C motorhomes have been particularly strong. Coachmen Industries is ranked the No. 2 retailing manufacturer in the industry in Class C retail sales with 15.3 percent market share. The Coachmen model (brand) has earned the No. 1 ranking throughout the nation with a market share increase of 6.2 percent through the first four months of 2008, on top of our 2007 calendar year market share growth of 13.2 percent. April 2008 sales were particularly strong with the Coachmen brand logging 16.6 percent of all Class Cs sold that month.
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