Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ford delays launch of new F-150

( -- With sales of full-size pickups in a steep decline, Ford Motor Co. said Friday it is delaying the launch of its new, redesigned Ford F-150 pick-up by two months.

The full-size pick-up, which had been due to enter showrooms in early fall will now come out in late fall, instead.

The Ford F-series has been the top-selling passenger vehicle in America for 26 straight years. Big pickups have been a popular and profitable item for Detroit Automakers. But high gas prices and a declining home-construction market have hit truck sales hard.

In May, the F-series fell to fifth place for the month as the Honda Civic compact car became America's best-selling model, followed by the Toyota Camry. The Chevrolet Silverado, usually a second-place seller behind the F-150, ranked sixth.
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